3rd Party Recording

3rd party reporting allows members of the public to report hate crimes in a positive, confidential and supportive environment without speaking to a officer directly.  A report can be made by attending a "3rd Party Reporting Centre" and reporting the crime to a member of staff there.  Both MOT and Sexual Health Services are trained in 3rd Party Reporting.

You can also complete an online hate crime form on the Police Scotland website.

Homophobic and transphobic hate crimes can be reported.  Police Scotland and their partners want people to feel confident in coming forward to report such incidents and where possible for them to provide their details so that the correct support and investigation can be carried out but you can also report anonymously.

What Happens Once You Have Reported?

Police Scotland has a duty to investigate every report. If you supply your details and consent to be contacted the Police will get in touch taking into account any special requirements such as:

• Are you happy for Police to telephone you?

• Are you happy for the Police to attend in person?

• Plain clothes officer preferred?

• Would you prefer a male or female officer?

• Do you require an Interpreter?

If a report is anonymous, enquiries will not be carried out to trace you as a matter of routine. However, it is important to know that some enquires may reveal your identity, which will be treated with confidence, and full support will be given.

If there is no evidence of a crime the information supplied is still important because it allows the Police to understand what is happening in our communities. It will allow them to identify an appropriate response. For example: if a number of incidents have occurred in the same area then the police may ensure officers increase their presence in the area.

If the person responsible is traced and there is enough evidence, then the person may be charged in relation to the offence and reported to the Procurator Fiscal, who will decide what action to take. On some occasions the persons(s) responsible may not be traced.

If you wish to report a crime anonymously and do not wish to be traced by police we would recommend speaking to one of the trained advisors at Crimestoppers (0800 555 111) who will be able to collect the relevant information from you regarding the incident whilst ensuring your anonymity. This information will be passed onto Police Scotland and the relevant enquiries made.

Remember: if the matter is urgent always call  999!

For more information on 3rd Party Reporting sites please go to the Police Scotland website

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