HIV Services

HIV Specialist Service

East Block, Level 4, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee, DD2 1UB

For appointments call East Block: 01382 496561

HIV Nurse Specialists: 01382 496 554

The HIV Specialist Service is made up of medical staff, nursing staff, pharmacists, a clinical psychologist and other specialties such as dietetics   The team provide both in-patient and out-patient care for all aspects of HIV management   The service is based at Ninewells Hospital in Dundee but clinics are held at locations throughout Tayside and the Specialist Nurses provide a community service if required.

Read a copy of our Service Users Guide

Who can I expect to see at my clinic visits?

You will be seen by one of the specialist medical team.  A consultant has overall responsibility for your care but you may see a consultant, an associate specialist, a specialist registrar or specialist nurse at clinic.

If you are on treatment for your HIV, you may also see the pharmacist.  For more information on starting treatment, see our booklet

The HIV team also has a clinical psychologist who you can ask to see for support.

What kinds of problems can Clinical Psychologists help with?

· Adjusting to the diagnosis

· Anxiety and panic

· Low mood and depression

· Telling others you have HIV

· Grief and loss

· Taking your tablets

· Changing unhelpful patterns of behaviour

· Relationship difficulties connected with HIV

· Developing coping skills so that you can live well with HIV

They can also offer support to partners and family members.

For more information on clinical psychology, read our leaflet

When should I see my GP ( local doctor)?

Your GP should continue to be the central point for all your healthcare needs as they are experienced in treating a broad range of medical conditions.  The HIV team are not experienced in all aspects of medicine as your GP is.  If your GP thinks that a problem is related to your HIV, they will ask our team to see you.

What other support is available?

MOT 1:1 Support provided by Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland

THT Scotland work in partnership with NHS Tayside to deliver the MOT service. THT Scotland works locally to provide face to face support, email support or phone support; covering a wide range of topics. If you feel you would benefit from a bit of extra support and advice about something which is troubling you, or something that has happened to you then THT Scotland are here for you.

THT can be contacted in these ways:


Dundee Office: 01382  561 839

Glasgow Office: 0141 332 3838 (ask for health promotion team)

THT Direct: 0808 802 1221

No question or query is a silly one! Whether it’s about testing, living with HIV or about sex, THT are here for you.

If you use apps or sites such as Grindr or GROWLr; THT Scotland also provide digital support through these apps in Tayside. Please look for the ‘MOT’ profile and start chatting!

N.B. these profiles are not staffed 24/7 so please be patient in waiting for a reply.

Men TAYgether - Support for guys living with HIV

Living with HIV? Heard about Men TAYgether yet? Here's all the info you need!

Men TAYgether is a fun, informal group where guys living with HIV can come together, meet new people, share stories and personal experiences, get involved in their community and have fun!

We meet on the first Wednesday of every month in Dundee city centre. To register your interest or for more info:


Confident Families by Terrence Higgins Trust

Confident Families provides practical and emotional support to people in Tayside who are living with or affected by HIV. It may be that you are dealing with a new diagnosis and are unsure how to tell your partner. You may be unemployed and hoping to access education, employment or training. Perhaps you are planning a family but are worried about passing on HIV. Perhaps you have recently arrived in the country and need some help getting settled. You may be a carer of someone living with HIV and in need of a break. It could also be a welfare, housing or debt matter. Whatever your issue, we can support you and your family - however you define it - to access the support you need

For more information contact

Telephone 01382 561 839

Financial Futures by Terrence Higgins Trust

Financial Futures helps people living with HIV and/or Hepatitis C who are experiencing financial problems. Work undertaken includes support with benefit applications, (ESA, JSA, Income Support, PIP, Housing Benefit, Bereavement Allowance, Widowed Parents Allowance), appeals against benefit decisions, housing applications, searches for accommodation, emotional support, suicide interventions, family planning, pregnancy support, domestic abuse, substance misuse support, job searches and applications, CV assistance, family support.

For more information contact: 01382 561 839


If you’re living with HIV, have you heard about myHIV, provided by Terrence Higgins Trust, yet? It’s a lifeline for some people! Check it out and set up your account here.

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