How to Use Condoms

Before sex

• Check the use by date and check it has a British Kite mark or CE mark

• Open the foil at the jagged edge and take the condom out carefully, making sure you don’t tear it with jewellery, nails or teeth

• Make sure that the condom is the right way round (the roll should be on the outside)

• Squeeze the teat to get rid of the trapped air

• Put the condom on the erect penis and unroll it down to the base of the penis whilst continuing to hold the teat between your thumb and forefinger

• Once the condom is on put lube on the end

• If you don’t have lube, still use a condom

After sex

• Slowly withdraw the penis before it goes soft, holding the condom in place at the base of the penis

• Carefully take the condom off, wrap it in tissue and put it in the bin. Do not flush it down the toilet

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