One to One Support

Whatever is on your mind, NHS Tayside and THT Scotland are here to support you! Through our Health Promotion Specialist we can help you with a wide range of issues including coming out; low self-esteem and hate crime and homo/trans/biphobia. We can also help you if you have been diagnosed with HIV and support you to tell your family or friends about your HIV status.

If we don't know the answers to your queries, we'll know someone who will. Don’t be scared, it’s best to ask! Support can be given in an environment which suits you. This could be your home, a café/coffee shop, work, school, college, university or at any one of our MOT clinics. It’s up to you!

Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland can also offer a free counselling service through one of our many trained Counsellors in Scotland.

If you contact THT Scotland at or 01382 561 839, you can chat things through and make arrangements. All support is completely confidential and the information you share with us will not be shared with any other organisation or person, including NHS Tayside, without your explicit consent.

If online or telephone support is more your thing,there are a number of other ways to contact Terrence Higgins Trust. Although these are national services run by the charity from London, they are still appropriate and relevant for you in Scotland.

Take a look at their website - THT Direct


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