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Men Only Tayside is an innovative and leading sexual health partnership between NHS Tayside and Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland.

Together, we provide sexual health clinics for men who have sex with men (MSM) and men who have sex with men and women (MSMW). We also work in your community providing sexual health information and advice, free condoms and lube and provide regular outreach in bars and clubs throughout Tayside.

Our vision is that all MSM living in Tayside are able to easily access individualised sexual healthcare and HIV prevention interventions and support services. These services are welcoming, inclusive, responsive to local need, evidence-based and both quality and outcome-driven.

Terrence Higgins Trust Scotland supports Men Only Tayside with a team of volunteers and a Health Promotion Specialist. As the largest sexual health and HIV charity in the UK, their mission is to:

• Maximise sexual health in the UK, and minimise the spread of HIV and STIs, by encouraging people to value their sexual health and by leading innovation to increase access to local sexual health services,

• Empower everyone living with HIV in the UK to maximise their health and wellbeing by working to ensure the best possible HIV treatment and support services,

• Lead public and political support for HIV and sexual health issues, and campaign to eradicate stigma and discrimination.

Working in partnership with a Scottish health authority and the third sector, Men Only Tayside is able to provide the best services possible to the local citizens of Tayside.

We were recently awarded a NHS Tayside Quality Award under the category ‘Improving the Health and Wellbeing of Communities and their Local Citizens’.

In 2013 we won a Wellbeing in Sexual Health & HIV Award

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