Where to Test for STIs








You can be tested for sexually transmitted infections in our MOT community clinic at the Cairn Centre Dundee, the sexual health clinics in Ninewells Hospital Dundee or Drumhar Health Centre Perth.  You can also have tests at your own GP.

The advantages of going to a sexual health clinic are that they have more knowledge and experience around sexual health needs of gay and bi-sexual men and sexually transmitted infections especially HIV.  Staff have “seen it all before” and offer a friendly, confidential service.  The clinics usually use a separate identification number rather than your name on your tests to ensure they are anonymous.

At the clinic the Sexual Health Advisors will support and advise you on how to keep yourself and your partner(s) safe.  If you are diagnosed with an STI, it is important that your partner(s) are identified so they can be tested as well.  The Sexual Health Advisors can support you to inform them yourself or can do this for you to protect your identity.

The best way to stay safe is to use condoms and lubricant properly and get tested regularly.  We recommend you have a sexual health check at least once a year even if you do not have any symptoms.  Early diagnosis and treatment can help prevent serious, and possibly life-threatening, illnesses.

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